Our fields of expertise


Collecting claims and debts

Our clients may entrust us with legal representation in enforcement, payment order and liquidation proceedings. Our office manages the full documentation of the procedure, including the drafting of the attorney’s letter of notice and other official documents.


Criminal law

We represent the victims of criminal offences through the complete criminal procedure and we assist in the enforcement of any claim for damages or claim under civil law as well as in the mediation procedure in both criminal and civil law actions. We provide defence for our clients in the investigative, prosecutor’s and court phases of criminal procedures.


Bankruptcy law

We provide assistance for companies in difficult situation in drafting bankruptcy applications and in implementing reorganisation options. We undertake bankruptcy monitoring, the reporting of creditor’s claims in due time, representation of the creditors’ committee during the liquidation procedure, termination of the company according to the applicable laws under appointment by the owners as a receiver.


Real estate law

We prepare for our Clients the real estate contracts of sale and purchase and we also undertake to draft and countersign other documents related to the real estate—establishing usufructuary right, lease contracts, contracts on use, contracts on option. Furthermore, we provide the necessary representation and management of tasks before the competent land office and duties office during the real estate registration procedure, and we also undertake consultation and administrative management in the related tax, finance, and official authority cases. We draft documents in the German and Slovak languages, and we also offer international real estate agency services to our clients.


Family law

We assist our clients in the questions related to the dissolution of marriage and the division of property, including the conducting of negotiations aimed at a settlement and our office manages the complete administration of the procedures. We represent our clients in the following cases:

  • actions brought for the dissolution of marriage
  • other actions brought for the establishment of paternity and origin
  • actions brought for the division of property
  • maintenance contracts
  • inheritance cases.


Labour law

We draft and form opinion on labour contracts, other documents related to labour law, and we also contribute to the out of court settlement of legal debates related to liability under labour law or the termination of the labour contract. We represent our clients in actions at court under labour law. We offer the following services to our clients:

  • general labour law consultation related to employment relationship, public employment and public service relationship
  • consultation related to the information necessary for the establishment and the termination of labour relationship, public employment and public service relationship
  • drafting labour contracts
  • updating of labour contracts due to changes in the legislation
  • representation in legal debates and court procedures related to labour law, public employment and public service relationship
  • preparing and forming opinion on employer’s and employee’s measures
  • legal consultation related to notice to quit, inventory shortage and other problems under labour law
  • consultation and management related to collective redundancies.

Civil law

We provide legal consultation and legal administration in almost all fields of private law. We undertake the drafting of agreements, contracts and supplementary documents, the organisation of negotiations for the purpose of reaching an out of court settlement, as well as representation in contentious and non-contentious proceedings before courts and other authorities. We offer professional assistance in the following:

  • proceedings for damages, pain and suffering claim and material damage
  • medical malpractice and cases related to healthcare
  • insurance cases
  • social security and pension insurance cases
  • cases related to accidents and occupational accidents
  • cases related to health condition and capacity to work
  • real estate cases
  • cases related to construction works
  • condominium cases
  • cases related to inheritance law
  • consumer protection, product liability
  • cases related to education
  • copyright law, corrections in press
  • advertising, media
  • agricultural law, environmental law, protection of animals
  • actions brought for the compensation of damages caused by a criminal offence
  • actions brought for the compensation of damages caused by the breach of personality rights.

Representation in administrative procedures

We provide expert’s services in the field of the financial management, taxation and the settlement of budgetary funds of administrative bodies and local governments, and we represent our clients before the administrative bodies and authorities. Please trust us and turn to us in the following cases:

  • real estate registration cases
  • cases related to minor offences
  • expropriation cases
  • cases related to duties
  • representing clients in other administrative procedures.


Permanent complex representation

In case of a standing power of attorney, we offer assistance to our clients on a permanent basis in the framework of a comprehensive legal consultation service in solving any legal debate that may arise, from drafting contracts for the management of everyday issues to solving problems that require a specialist’s contribution—in any necessary field and before any forum.

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